William Ofoegbu: A Multifaceted Voice Actor and Dedicated Foster Dad

William Ofoegbu, a Texas-based voice actor and devoted foster dad, brings a unique blend of passion and talent to every facet of his life. Guided by values of happiness, peace, determination, and the pursuit of excellence, he is a man of many dimensions.

Born in Toronto and raised in San Antonio, William’s journey began with a profound interest in theatre. He earned his Associate of Arts in Theatre from San Antonio College and embarked on his acting career, booking his first principal commercial role in the early stages of his journey. This laid the foundation for his ever-evolving and diverse career.

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication from Arizona State University, William broadened his horizons and delved into the world of on-camera acting. His on-screen presence shone in Superbowl and NFL Playoff ads for Pepsi, commercials for Xbox, Microsoft, Daily Greens, and the television series “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series,” among others.

However, it’s in the realm of voice acting that William’s resounding voice has truly found its home. His vocal talents are prevalent in anime, video games, commercials, and beyond. He is recognized for breathing life into characters like Corpse God in “Dead Mount Death Play,” Twisted Keiun in “Hell’s Paradise,” Sammy Jones in “Sugar Apple Fairy Tale,” and Heat Wave and Plastic Man in “DC Universe Online.” Additionally, he lends his vocal prowess to prominent commercial campaigns, including The Vista Portable Hammock and Stand.

Beyond the studio, William is a multifaceted individual. He’s an avid cook and a connoisseur of delicious food, a dedicated teacher and learner (currently mastering American Sign Language and harmonica), and a fervent viewer of the latest series and movies. His love for anime, manga, creativity, and his cherished friends and family occupy a special place in his heart. Above all, his proudest role is being a father to his wonderful teenage daughter, who proudly declares him the best dad on the planet, as attested by the “World’s Best Dad” T-shirt they bought together.