Ellyn Stern: A Celebrated Voice Actress with a Rich Portfolio in Anime and Video Games

Ellyn Stern is an acclaimed actress and director known for her remarkable contributions to the world of voice acting. With a career spanning several decades, she has earned a well-deserved reputation for her diverse and captivating performances.

Her passion for acting led her to a thriving career in the entertainment industry, where she made her mark in anime and video games. Notable anime roles include Masaki Kurosaki in Bleach, Rosalind Holhess in Armitage III: Poly-Matrix, Marguerite Tiffany in Lupin III Part II, and Haraway in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.

Ellyn Stern’s talent extends to video games as well, with significant roles in Blue Dragon as Jiro’s Mother and Marumaro’s Mother, and Veronica Vera in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. In Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution, she lent her voice to the characters Mrs. Farrence and additional voices, respectively. Additionally, she contributed her skills to Phantasy Star Online 2 as Maria.

Outside of her impressive voice acting career, Ellyn Stern has embraced the role of director, further showcasing her versatility and expertise in the entertainment world.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Ellyn Stern has found joy and fulfillment in her personal life. She is married to fellow voice actor Richard Epcar, and together, they have two children.

With a wealth of experience and an unmistakable talent, Ellyn Stern continues to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide, solidifying her position as a celebrated figure in the world of voice acting and entertainment.


  • Anime Voice Acting:Masaki Kurosaki (Bleach: Multiple), Rosetta (Lupin III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon), Elena Gotti (Lupin III), Martha Vist Carbine (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: Multiple), Mrs. Taisho (Sukippu bito)
  • Video Game Voice Acting:Maria (Phantasy Star Online 2), Mrs. Farrence (Star Ocean: First Departure and Second Evolution), Female Avatar 8 (Street Fighter 6)