Heidi Anderson-Swan, recognized in the entertainment world for her multifaceted talents, is an American voice actress and singer celebrated for her impactful contributions to the gaming realm. Her distinctive voice brought life to the iconic character Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil remake, showcasing her prowess in the art of voice acting. Beyond the horror genre, Anderson-Swan lent her vocal talents to another Capcom game, Killer7, where she portrayed the character Samantha Smith.

However, Heidi’s impact extends far beyond the virtual world. She co-authored a powerful narrative titled “A Night In Jail,” shedding light on the detrimental mental health effects of youth marijuana use. Inspired by her brother’s challenging journey as a homeless drug addict with schizophrenia, the story is both a reflection of personal struggle and a call to action. Heidi, alongside her now-sober brother, transformed the narrative into a play and a short film, contributing to the discourse on mental health and addiction.

Heidi Anderson-Swan is not only an artist but also a passionate advocate. She has actively engaged in discussions on the societal impacts of marijuana, participating in Dr. Phil’s episode, “Is America Too High on Marijuana?” Her insights have been featured in interviews with Fox.com, NBCLA, Epoch Times’s California Insider, and We the People Radio. A dedicated advocate, she collaborates with organizations like MomsStrong.org and has been involved in discussions with political representatives, including the Drug Advisors for Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

As an influential speaker, Heidi has shared her knowledge with diverse audiences. From teaching Continuing Education for Lawyers to addressing the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) California 2023 Conference, her commitment to education and awareness is evident. Her presentations span a range of platforms, including engagements with Stanford REACH, Johnny’s Ambassadors, MATFORCE in Arizona, Alcoholics and Substance Providers of New York State, and more.

Heidi’s advocacy work also extends to legislative efforts. She volunteered with SB 1097, a bill aiming to place warning labels on THC products in California, demonstrating her commitment to public health. Notably, she served on the Hermosa Beach Cannabis Advisory Group and played a pivotal role in opposing Measure M, which sought to overturn the ban on pot shops in Hermosa Beach. Through her diverse contributions, Heidi Anderson-Swan continues to make a significant impact in both the entertainment and advocacy spheres.