Phil Parsons is a highly esteemed voice actor, best known for his incredible talent and versatile performances in the world of animation. With an illustrious career spanning over several decades, he has become a respected name in the industry, delighting audiences with his memorable characters and distinctive voice.

Throughout his career, Parsons has lent his voice to a multitude of iconic animated series and films. Fans of anime recognize him for his remarkable portrayal of the enigmatic and powerful character Nappa in the popular series “Dragon Ball Z.” His commanding presence and memorable delivery made Nappa an unforgettable part of the series.

Parsons’s contributions to the realm of voice acting extend beyond anime. He has also made notable appearances in well-known animated shows such as “One Piece,” “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” and “Fairy Tail,” where he brought various characters to life with his distinct vocal interpretations.

In addition to his work in animation, Parsons has also made significant contributions to video games, lending his voice to characters in renowned franchises such as “Final Fantasy XIV” and “Tales of Berseria.” His ability to breathe life into digital personas has garnered him a dedicated fan base within the gaming community.


  • Anime Voice Acting:Attack on Titan (Kenny), Dragon Ball Z (Nappa), Fire Force (Burns), Black Clover (Vide), Full Metal Alchemist (Gen. Hakuro and Buccaneer), One Piece (Zaba, Phillip, Jesus Burgess, Capote, Jabra)
  • Video Game Acting:Dragon Ball Z - Multiple (Nappa), Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel! (Lost Legion Infantry #1), Smite (Apollo and Chiron)