Karen Cliche, born in Quebec, emerged as a multifaceted actress, making a mark in various mediums of entertainment. As an army brat, she traversed Canada during her childhood but still found time to explore her passion for theater and musicals.

Her career began unexpectedly when a professional hairdresser discovered her during an after-school stint at McDonald’s, catapulting her into modeling. This led her to embrace acting wholeheartedly, opting to pursue it as a full-time career after briefly studying psychology in college.

Karen’s breakthrough came through guest appearances on “Undressed” (MTV, 1999-2002) and regular roles in shows like “Mutant X” (syndicated, 2001-04) and “The Dresden Files” (Sci Fi Channel, 2007). Her Canadian television stint saw her playing pivotal roles in various series, including “Vampire High,” “Adventure, Inc.,” “The Business,” and “Young Blades.”

Her foray into film showcased her versatility, featuring roles in movies such as “Heist,” “Moment,” and the widely recognized “Saw VI.” She’s expanded her horizon in television movies and series, captivating audiences in titles like “Lost Girl,” “Republic of Doyle,” and “Deadly Estate.” Notably, she appeared in the movie “Thanksgiving” (2023), showcasing her depth and range in the film realm.

Karen Cliche made an indelible mark as Baylin, the fierce bounty hunter from the planet Mongo, in “Flash Gordon” (Sci Fi Channel, 2007-08). Her portrayal brought a contemporary edge to the classic storyline, highlighting her adaptability in reimagining iconic characters for modern audiences. Her wide-ranging performances across television, film, and voice acting underscore her diverse talents, cementing her status as a standout figure in the entertainment industry.