Kevin Grevioux, a multifaceted American talent, encompasses roles as an actor, screenwriter, director, and comic book writer. He soared to fame through his portrayal of Raze in the “Underworld” film series, a franchise he co-created. Grevioux’s captivating baritone voice brought life to the villainous Black Beetle in the cartoon “Young Justice.”

His acting credits include appearances in prominent films like “The Mask,” “Steel,” “Congo,” Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes” remake, and the 2003 vampire vs. werewolf saga, “Underworld.”

Grevioux’s creative genius flourished with “Underworld” as his first produced writing credit. His brainchild’s original concept and screenplay co-written with director Len Wiseman birthed the “Underworld” universe. His recurring role as Raze expanded in the prequel, “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.” Grevioux’s venture into comic books extends to adapt the prequel into a mini-series, hinting at potential further narratives.

Inspired by “Romeo and Juliet,” Grevioux crafted “Underworld” based on personal encounters with interracial dating, blending scientific rationale with vampirism and lycanthropy. His vision debunked mystical origins, attributing these supernatural phenomena to a viral mutagen.

Beyond the silver screen, Grevioux ventured into comic book imprints, launching Astounding Comics and Darkstorm Comics under his Darkstorm Comics and Media banner. His distinctively deep voice amazed fans during the “Underworld” promotion, surprising many with its natural depth.

His literary prowess shines through his work for Marvel Comics, writing “New Warriors” volume 4 and creating “Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel.” Grevioux’s creative range extends further, spanning original screenplays, webcomics, full-cast audio dramas, and action films like “King of Killers.”

In 2022, Grevioux showcased his directorial, writing, and producing talent in “King of Killers,” an action-packed film featuring Alain Moussi and Frank Grillo, based on his Darkstorm graphic novel, a testament to his boundless creativity and storytelling flair.